Great Circle Campground Rules

SITES – All personal property must be placed within the limits of your assigned site.  Each RV must be licensed with a valid license.  Any vehicle must be in running condition and properly licensed with current insurance.  Any additions deck, lawn shed ect must be approved by Campground owner. No permanent structures. Any personal property tax liability assigned to the campground by the county tax assessor will be the lessee’s responsibility.  Sheds may not exceed 5’ X 6’ (30 square feet) or 7’ in height (sheds must be less than 200 square feet).  Decks may not extend further than 10 feet from the trailer.  The campground utilities are all underground, some buried very close to the surface, check with the office before you dig.  Each site may be used by any/all persons listed in the lease agreement.  State campground regulations require that no more than eight (8) people occupy a site per night.  All trash must be taken to the dumpster located near the exit.  Any large items requiring disposal will incur an extra charge to Lessee.  Mattresses, BBQ’s ect $25.00 per item.

GUESTS – (persons not listed on site lease agreement).  Day guests are requested to stop at the office for a visitor pass and leave the park by 10:30 pm.  Guests staying past 10:30 pm must register at the office as overnight guests.  Overnight guests not staying in your recreational vehicle will incur a fee.  Please see the office for the fee.

FIRES & FIREWOOD – Campfires are permitted in the park in designated fire pits.  No burning of yard waste or household paper per Gerrish Township, no lawn trimmings, leaves or sticks. They must be put in the burn pile for a regulated burn.  Firewood can be purchased in the store, do not bring firewood in from other areas it is against MI state law.  No cutting or chopping wood in the woods or in the campground is permitted.  Please make sure all fires are out before retiring to bed or leaving your campsite.  We reserve the right to require your fire to be extinguished.

TREES, BUSHES, and SCRUBS – No cutting down of trees or bushes (alive or dead) is permitted. DO NOT cut scrub trees for stir sticks or marshmellow roasting.  Sticks are available in the store.

No hooks, nails or other items which damage the bark may be attached to any tree. Please remove lights, dog runs and clotheslines at season closing.  ANYONE cutting trees or scrubs is subject to a minimum $100.00 damage fee and may be evicted from the campground.

QUIET TIME:  Radio, TV, stereio and conversation volumes should be respectful of neighbors.  Sound carries VERY FAR in the woods!  Quiet hours are 11:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.  We reserve the right to require you to turn it down.

CHILDREN – Playground closes at 10:00 P.M.  Bike riding is only allowed until dark.  There is no supervision on the playground.  Parents please supervise your children especially those under 8 years of age.  In addition please accompany children under 8 to the restrooms and bathhouse.  Parents are responsible for your childrens behavior as well as any damage they may cause.  Please remind them to pick up their trash.

Golf carts - are an adult responsibility.  Children 13 and under cannot operate a golf cart without adult supervision.  Please no standing or hanging off the back of golf carts.

OHV/ATV/UTV -  Can be driven in and out of the campground.  Remember the speed limit 5 MPH.

PETS – Pets must be kept under control and quiet.  All pets must be leashed.  Do not leave them unattended.  Please pick up after your pet.  We reserve the right to reject any animal which we feel is potentially vicious or otherwise unacceptable.  Please do not leave your pets in your RV on warm days without notifying a fellow camper or the office, what if the power goes off!

FIREWORKS & DRUGS – Not allowed on property.

SPEED LIMIT – Campers must drive slowly for the safety of others 5 miles per hour

BAD BEHAVIOR – Violence of any kind, including threats is strictly prohibited and may result in the immediate expulsion of all persons involved.  Anyone intoxicated, using profanity, or causing a distrubance may be escorted off the campground. Anyone taking an action which results in law enforcement or fire prevention personnel entering the campground may be evicted.

INDEMNIFICATION AND LIABILITY – Campers and guests acknowledge that this is a campground and as such recognize that there are inherent dangers such as tree roots, rocks and other hazards which could cause tripping or falling, and/or damage to personal property from falling branches, tree removal and acts of nature such as high winds, rains and storms.  Campers and guests shall indemnify and hold harmless, Great Circle Campground and its owners and agents from and against any loss, damage, injury, claim, cost and expense (including legal expense at all court levels) arising out of or connected with their use of Great Circle Campground. It is expressly agreed that all personal property or equipment now or hereafter placed, stored or located on the premesis shall be the sole responsibility and at the sole risk of campers, guests and visitors and shall be their sole responsibility.  Insuring your personal property is Lessee’s responsibility.

NOTE: This is a privately owned campground.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.